#FriFotos: Bridges.

Bridges amaze me. To me, they’re utterly incredible feats of engineering, and often gorgeous architectural works to boot. Think about it: some people had to dig into the ground underwater to create some sort of base to support this massive structure that, these days, supports incredible amounts of weight on a daily basis. My brother is the engineer of the family, and I know he could wax poetic for days about trusses, cantilevers, and cable suspensions. I’ll be honest: I don’t really understand how they all work. However, I certainly appreciate that bridges allow me to cross bodies of water with relative ease, and, even more, I love that they provide beautiful visuals.

As you know, I live in Sydney these days, so I want to pay homage to one of Sydney’s most famous landmarks: the Harbour Bridge. The 503 meter long iconic arch is constructed of over fifty thousand tons of steel (!!!) and supported by two concrete and granite pylons that measure in at 89 meters tall. My favorite fact from the Wikipedia entry? “The bridge is held together by six million Australian-made hand-driven rivets supplied by the McPherson company of Melbourne, the last being driven through the deck on 21 January 1932.”

You can’t tell me that bridges aren’t awesome.

I shot these photos of the Sydney Harbour Bridge on a cloudy autumn day, when I took my first walk across it. Spoiler alert: I’m looking forward to doing the Harbour Bridge Climb this summer as part of facing my fear of heights for my Taking Action project! I suspect it’s going to be intense but well worth it.

Barbed wire love


Criss cross


Iconic Sydney


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4 thoughts on “#FriFotos: Bridges.

  1. Ben Rollins,

    The bridge climb looks amazing. For anyone too freaked out about climbing it, you can get most of the same view, and a wonderful perspective on the bridge, from the south-east pylon. No exposed climb, and a fair bit cheaper than the BridgeClimb experience!

  2. cubbie,

    this is beautiful. i understand your thoughts. and i generally find crossing bridges to be much more terrifying than going in the ocean.


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