#FriFotos: Harbor

If I ever have my own boat, I think I’ll name it “Invitation to Love”, or perhaps, more simply, “VFD”.

I lived on Bainbridge Island – a small island near Seattle – for a few months when I moved to the Pacific Northwest – and during that time, I became captivated by harbors. I would wander down to the water on my days off, photographing the rowboats on the shore, trying to make out the names of the boats moored in the water. My interest only grew when I got the idea to do a fishing-themed photo project, and I spent hours capturing images around Fishermen’s Terminal in the city. I snapped photographs of ropes and nets, unique artwork, and men unloading fishing boats.

Of course, I live in Sydney now, and all of the negatives for those are in storage somewhere. My interest in the subject matter has remained, though, and when I visited Nice in January, I relieved the memories of that time while meandering past the harbor. The contrasting colors, the lines of the masts, quirky names – I can’t help but look at them and see something incredible.

* * * * *

If you ever own a boat, what will you name it?

 Cephalopod love






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