2 thoughts on “Taking Action: Laying the Groundwork.

  1. Christine,

    Good luck on your new venture…It’s true that we often look at other people and say “so and so is so exciting” or “I wish I can do what so and so does”. But it is so important to realize that everyone has that choice how to make their life how they want it, right? As exciting or as boring as they want it to be -what have you. The most important thing is to be joyful…being joyful with whatever comes along in life…good and/or bad.

  2. Katharine Goerlich,

    We always think that only big steps matter and if the step isn’t large enough for all to see, we are wasting time being anti-productive. My behind the scenes is the move into my new place. I’m rebuilding my home and my creative space. I’m preparing to start my outpouring of creativity. It is scary to not be producing big results regularly. We forget that in most cases, the small things are what matter most.


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